Covered areas

The journal emphasizes the publication of papers in the following areas and their interplay:

Functional analysis

  Banach space theory (including its interplay with Set theory and Ramsey methods, Topology and the Nonlinear classification of Banach spaces)
  Quasi-Banach spaces
  Banach spaces of continuous functions
  Categorical and homological methods in functional analysis
  Functional analytic methods for partial differential equations
  Vector valued analysis


  Convex analysis
  Metric geometry
  Geometry of finite dimensional Banach spaces

Operator theory

  Operator theory
  Interpolation theory
  Operator ideals and their interplay with the geometry of Banach spaces
  Evolution equations on Banach spaces
  Spectral and local spectral theory
  Fredholm operators
  Operator algebras
  Operator semigroup
  Stochastic differential equations on Banach spaces

Real and harmonic analysis

  Interpolation and extrapolation
  Rearrangement invariant spaces
  Weighted inequalities
  Maximal operators
  Singular integral operators

Measure theory

Commutative algebra

  Commutative algebra
  Associative rings and algebras 

Categorical and Homological algebra

  Applied category theory
  Homological algebra and its applications
  Homotopical methods and their applications
  Computer science
  Higher dimensional algebra
  Algebraic topology
  Algebraic geometry
  Algebraic singularities 

Non-commutative algebra

  Group theory
  Ring theory
  Finite group theory and representation theory of finite groups
  Representation theory of algebras and groups
  Matrix theory
  Non-associative rings and algebras

Topological algebra

Analytic and set theoretic topology

Dynamical systems

  Dynamical systems
  Discrete and continuous dynamical system

Differential geometry and geometric mechanics

  Differential geometry and applied differential geometry
  Geometric mechanics
  Complex geometry
  Lie groups
  Riemannian geometry (Inverse spectral problems, Geometry of Lie groups)

Discrete mathematics

  Descriptive set theory
  Combinatorial set theory
  Boolean algebras
  Coding theory