On Lie ideals satisfying certain differential identities in prime rings


  • B. Dhara Department of Mathematics, Belda College, Belda Paschim Medinipur, 721424, W.B., India
  • S. Ghosh Department of Mathematics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata-700032, W.B., India
  • G.S. Sandhu Department of Mathematics, Patel Memorial National College 140401 Rajpura, India




Prime ring, derivation, generalized derivation, Lie ideal


Let R be a prime ring of characteristic not 2, L a nonzero square closed Lie ideal of R and let F : R → R, G : R → R be generalized derivations associated with derivations d : R → R, g : R → R respectively. In this paper, we study several conditions that imply that the Lie ideal is central. Moreover, it is shown that the assumption of primeness of R can not be removed.


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Algebras (associative, non associative, topological)

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