Construction of Hom-pre-Jordan algebras and Hom-J-dendriform algebras


  • T. Chtioui University of Sfax, Faculty of Sciences Sfax, BP 1171, 3038 Sfax, Tunisia
  • S. Mabrouk University of Gafsa, Faculty of Sciences Gafsa, 2112 Gafsa, Tunisia
  • A. Makhlouf Université de Haute Alsace, IRIMAS - Département de Mathématiques F-68093 Mulhouse, France



Hom-Jordan algebra, Hom-pre-Jordan algebra, Hom-J-dendriform algebra, O-operator


The aim of this work is to introduce and study the notions of Hom-pre-Jordan algebra and Hom-J-dendriform algebra which generalize Hom-Jordan algebras. Hom-pre-Jordan algebras are regarded as the underlying algebraic structures of the Hom-Jordan algebras behind the Rota-Baxter operators and O-operators introduced in this paper. Hom-pre-Jordan algebras are also analogues of Hom-pre-Lie algebras for Hom-Jordan algebras. The anti-commutator of a Hom-pre-Jordan algebra is a Hom-Jordan algebra and the left multiplication operator gives a representation of a Hom-Jordan algebra. On the other hand, a Hom-J-dendriform algebra is a Hom-Jordan algebraic analogue of a Hom-dendriform algebra such that the anti-commutator of the sum of the two operations is a Hom-pre-Jordan algebra.


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Algebras (associative, non associative, topological)

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